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Incredible Luck Strikes Twice Brooklyn Lottery Player Wins $10 Million Jackpot AGAIN

Double Jackpot Delight: New York Lottery Player Wins $10 Million Twice in Two Years

Stories of an individual winning many lotteries are extremely rare in the wild world of lotteries, where chance and luck play very important roles. Nonetheless, Wayne Murray of Brooklyn, New York, saw an incredible turn of events in December 2023. This story is even more amazing since, although he won a whopping $10 million jackpot on a scratch ticket, he had accomplished the same thing exactly a year earlier in 2022. This is a wonderful lottery story; let’s examine the infrequency of such events and go into the facts.


  • The Unprecedented Double Win:

Lucky lottery player wins $10million on scratch card for SECOND time - Mirror Online

Wayne Murray’s incredible luck unfolded in the form of the New York Lottery’s 200 Times Scratch-Off game, where lightning struck twice in precisely 365 days. In December of 2023, Wayne discovered that he had won a jaw-dropping $10 million, opting for the lump sum option, which translated to just over $6 million after taxes. This déjà vu moment echoed his win in 2022, where, on August 22nd, he had already secured the same monumental prize playing the Black Titanium game.

  • The Brooklyn Connection:

Brooklyn guide: What to do and where to stay in New York's coolest borough | The Independent | The Independent

Adding to the mystique of Wayne Murray’s story is the fact that both of his $10 million wins occurred at the same gas and convenience store in Brooklyn. The odds of winning such sizable prizes are already astronomical, but the recurrence of luck at the same location raises questions about the unique energy surrounding this unassuming store. It becomes a testament to the randomness and unpredictability that defines the world of lotteries.

  • A Personal Touch:

Wayne Murray’s story takes on a more personal touch when considering his previous win in 2022. This connection to the same gas and convenience store indicates a sense of familiarity and perhaps a lucky charm associated with the location. Whether it’s a matter of routine, superstition, or sheer coincidence, the fact that lightning struck twice in the same setting adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already extraordinary narrative.

  • Desiree Fortetiny Craft’s Double Triumph:

Coincidentally, December of 2023 saw another lottery winner, Desiree Fortetiny Craft from Boston, Massachusetts, achieving her own double triumph. While not identical to Wayne Murray’s story, Craft secured a massive $25 million jackpot on a scratch ticket in 2023. This came after her earlier win of a million dollars in 2006, showcasing that lightning can strike more than once for certain individuals in the lottery arena.

  • Reflection on Multiple Lottery Wins:

The Most POPULAR Lottery Winner BLEW His Fortune

The occurrence of multiple lottery wins raises intriguing questions about the nature of luck, chance, and personal circumstances. Whether it’s a matter of strategy, coincidence, or a cosmic alignment of stars, the stories of Wayne Murray and Desiree Fortetiny Craft offer a glimpse into the unpredictable and often mystifying world of lotteries. As we celebrate their victories, it prompts us to wonder about the unique factors at play in these individuals’ lives.


Wayne Murray’s exceptional double win of $10 million in two consecutive years is an extraordinary chapter in the annals of lottery history. The fact that lightning struck twice for him in the same location is a testament to the sheer unpredictability and randomness inherent in lottery games. As we celebrate Wayne’s remarkable feat and reflect on the broader theme of multiple wins, one can’t help but marvel at the peculiar twists of fate that turn ordinary moments into life-altering events. In the world of lotteries, where dreams can materialize with the scratching of a ticket, the story of Wayne Murray stands as a beacon of hope and an ode to the unforeseen possibilities that await those who dare to play.

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