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10 People Who Won The Jackpot Multiple Times

10 Extraordinary Stories of Repeat Lottery Winners


The allure of winning the lottery has captivated the dreams and aspirations of countless individuals worldwide. While many try their luck in the hope of securing that life-changing jackpot, few can claim to have achieved the extraordinary feat of winning the lottery multiple times. In this article, we delve into the astounding stories of ten individuals who defied the odds, and in some cases, even luck itself, to repeatedly experience the euphoria of winning the lottery.

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1. Dwayne Ketterman: Delaware’s Double Delight

Delaware man Duane Katterman wins big in the Maryland lottery twice in two months - 6abc Philadelphia

Dwayne Ketterman, a Delaware resident, embarked on an extraordinary journey when he turned a routine habit into a life-altering opportunity. Despite never expecting to win the lottery even once, Dwayne remarkably secured not one but two wins within a remarkably short time frame.

His journey began when he routinely purchased a lottery ticket during his work commutes across the Maryland-Delaware border. In 2022, fortune favored him as he discovered he’d secured a substantial win of $18,000. Most people would be content with such a win, but Dwayne’s story was just beginning.

Merely one month later, lightning struck twice for him when he triumphed again, this time with a prize exceeding $30,000. Dwayne was left stunned, having never anticipated a single victory, let alone two.

Dwayne Ketterman’s story is a testament to the unpredictable nature of lotteries. It demonstrates that sometimes life can bestow incredible opportunities when you least expect them, even doubling down on its generosity. His remarkable double win serves as an inspiration to all lottery enthusiasts, showcasing that persistence and a touch of serendipity can lead to unbelievable outcomes.

2. Evelyn Adams: Lady Luck Visits Twice

Double lottery winner who bagged £4million hit 'rock bottom' after gambling it all away - Daily Star

Evelyn Adams, a former convenience store worker in New Jersey, crafted one of the most remarkable tales of repeated lottery fortunes. Her incredible story began in October 1985, when she unexpectedly secured an astonishing $3.9 million. However, this was merely the beginning of her streak of luck.

A mere four months later, lightning struck twice for Evelyn as she secured another jackpot, this time totaling $1.2 million. While today’s standards may downplay these sums, in the 1980s, they represented substantial wealth.

Evelyn’s lottery success might have been linked to her consistent investment of $100 per week in tickets. This habit, bordering on obsession, fueled her belief that her winnings would continue to multiply. Regrettably, her lucky streak ran its course, and she eventually squandered her lottery fortune in casinos. The mismanagement of her wealth led her to live in a mobile home, and her story serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of financial responsibility.

Evelyn Adams’ remarkable double lottery triumph demonstrates that success often walks a fine line between fortune and folly. While her early victories appeared as blessings, her failure to manage her winnings ultimately led her down a different path.

3. Bill Morgan: A Life Twice Spared

Australian lottery winner who won TWICE and survived coma

Bill Morgan’s lottery success is undoubtedly one of the most incredible stories to ever grace the world of lottery winners. His journey began with a traumatic truck accident that nearly claimed his life, leaving him in a coma. Miraculously, Bill survived but suffered a heart attack due to an allergic reaction to a medication error by doctors.

Following a week in a coma, doctors advised Bill’s family to discontinue life support, but they refused. Bill emerged from his coma remarkably without significant health issues. In an astonishing twist of fate, Bill’s subsequent purchase of a scratch-off lottery ticket led to the win of a brand new car.

As the media caught wind of Bill’s miraculous story, he was asked to recreate his lottery win on live television. The recreation, however, took an unexpected turn. While the cameras were rolling, Bill scratched off another ticket, unveiling a substantial win of $250,000 Australian dollars (approximately $180,000 USD). It’s almost as if coming back from the brink of death infused Bill with an extraordinary stroke of luck.

Bill Morgan’s life was nearly cut short, but he emerged from the ordeal as one of the luckiest individuals, securing a lottery win that few can comprehend.

4. Kenneth J. Stokes: Twice in One Draw—Against All Odds

Massachusetts man wins lottery prize twice in same drawing - ABC7 New York

Kenneth J. Stokes managed to achieve a feat that sets him apart as the sole lottery winner to secure two wins in a single draw. His incredible story highlights the rare and almost unbelievable nature of lottery luck.

Kenneth’s journey into the realm of double lottery wins began when his family gifted him a season pass to the Massachusetts State Lottery’s Lucky for Life game. Little did they know that this seemingly simple gesture would lay the foundation for an extraordinary turn of events.

On a seemingly ordinary day, Kenneth decided to purchase a ticket for the same Lucky for Life game, forgetting about the gifted pass. Remarkably, both the ticket he bought and the one given to him featured identical sets of numbers, which coincidentally matched the numbers drawn in the lottery. The odds of this happening were astonishingly low, standing at one in a million. The outcome? A life-changing win of $546,000 marked one of the most fortunate moments in Kenneth’s life.

Kenneth J. Stokes’ astonishing double win underlines the unpredictability of life’s twists and turns. It serves as a reminder that even in the most improbable of scenarios, luck can shine brilliantly, providing us with life-altering opportunities. His remarkable story inspires individuals to dream without the fear of insurmountable odds in the world of lotteries.

5. Robert Hamilton: Responsible Wins in Indiana

Robert Hamilton: Responsible Wins in Indiana
Robert Hamilton: Responsible Wins in Indiana

Robert Hamilton, an Indianapolis resident, had an unexpectedly lucky year in 2014. Hamilton enjoyed buying scratch-off tickets and had never imagined he would win the $1 million jackpot. However, he didn’t squander his winnings. His first move was to clear all his debts. With financial responsibility as a priority, he invested in purchasing a house—a wise and solid choice. Just a few months later, Lady Luck came knocking again, and Robert won another jackpot, this time worth $100,000. Hamilton’s 2014 turned out to be a double dose of unexpected fortune, proving that sometimes luck can strike twice when you least expect it.

6. Mary Ridel: A Generous Win in Ohio

Mary Ridel: A Generous Win in Ohio
Mary Ridel: A Generous Win in Ohio

Mary Ridel’s story stands out for its unselfishness and motherly love. This Ohio resident scored her initial win of $50,000 in the 40th-anniversary Millions game. Instead of keeping the money for herself, she decided that it would be more beneficial to her daughter, helping her purchase her first home. Just four months later, Mary decided to test her luck again by purchasing another scratch-off ticket at a gas station in Brunswick. While the amount she won wasn’t substantial, she chose not to claim the few dollars. Instead, she invested it in acquiring another ticket right away, asking the store clerk to choose one for her. This gamble proved to be fruitful, as she won another $100,000. Mary added this new jackpot to her retirement fund, making her not only a loving mother but also an astute investor.

7. Ryan Othman: A Quick Turnaround in Canada

Ontario man wins major Lotto Max twice in a month for grand total of $1.8M | Watch News Videos Online

Ryan Othman, a resident of Ontario, Canada, is one of the newest winners on this list. In one of the most remarkable turnarounds of luck, Ryan first secured $180,000 (Canadian dollars) or approximately $132,000 (US dollars). Then, only a month later, he secured a much larger jackpot, winning an astounding $1 million (Canadian), equivalent to about $733,000 (US dollars). What makes this story even more astonishing is that during the ticket purchase for the winning jackpot, Ryan also bought a few other tickets, netting him an additional $7. While not as grand as the main prize, this unusual double win showcases the extraordinary unpredictability of lottery games. With two significant wins within a short period, Ryan’s life took an exhilarating turn.

8. Antoine Bienia: A Double Dose of Luck in Ontario

Antoine Biennial lottery winner
Antoine Biennial lottery winner

Antoine Bienia, another resident of Ontario, Canada, experienced an incredible stroke of luck. He not only won the lottery jackpot but also managed to secure the same million-dollar prize twice within a span of just 13 months. It’s a rarity to secure such a win once, let alone twice. Antoine’s extraordinary story highlights that sometimes fortune smiles upon the same people more than once.

9. Steven Antel: Ontario’s Triple Win

Steven Antel, another Ontario resident, embarked on a remarkable winning streak. It all began in 2018 when he secured a substantial prize of $250,000 (Canadian dollars), equivalent to about $183,000 (US dollars). The following year, he won again, this time for a slightly smaller prize of $100,000 (Canadian dollars) or roughly $73,000 (US dollars). The most recent addition to his list of wins occurred in 2023, when he claimed his biggest jackpot yet, a staggering $550,000 (Canadian dollars), which translates to approximately $430,000 (US dollars). Steven’s story showcases that sometimes consistent luck can extend over several years, leading to a string of impressive wins.

10. Kevin Miller: Michigan’s Persistent Player

Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller

Kevin Miller, a resident of Michigan, achieved a unique feat in the lottery world. His journey began in 2016 when he purchased a lottery ticket at the same store where he often stopped. This ticket turned out to be life-changing, as he won $1 million. Unlike some winners, he decided to take the lump sum, ensuring he received a substantial amount upfront. Kevin continued playing the lottery, and in 2020, he secured a victory in the Lucky for Life game. This new win guaranteed him $25,000 every year for life. Kevin Miller’s persistence in playing the lottery proved to be a wise decision, turning him into a consistent winner.

These 10 individuals have defied astronomical odds and secured multiple lottery wins. Whether through sheer luck, unusual circumstances, or persistent playing, their stories serve as a source of inspiration and a reminder that when it comes to the lottery, incredible things can happen more than once. The world of the lottery is full of surprises, and you might just be the next lucky winner.


These extraordinary tales of repeat lottery winners prove that the realm of lotteries is not solely governed by chance. While some might dismiss winning multiple times as sheer luck, the stories of these individuals reveal a combination of persistence, strategy, and sometimes sheer miracles. They inspire us to continue pursuing our dreams, reminding us that extraordinary achievements can be realized even when the odds seem insurmountable. So, whether you’re a seasoned lottery player or considering buying your first ticket, remember that the world of lotteries holds endless possibilities, and these incredible stories are a testament to that.


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