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The Strange Disappearance of Lottery Winner Abraham Shakespeare

Few lottery stories that captivate our attention are as heartbreaking and captivating as Abraham Shakespeare’s story. Imagine striking it lucky and taking home a whopping $31 million, only to have your life turn into a confusing maze. Shakespeare’s story of rising from poverty to wealth served as a source of inspiration for a lot of people, but the excitement around his lottery victory eventually gave way to a murky tale of greed, dishonesty, and an odd disappearance in 2006.


The Rise to Wealth:

Florida woman who killed $30m lottery winner backs keeping winners' names  secret | Daily Mail Online

Abraham Shakespeare’s life underwent a monumental transformation when he won $30 million in the lottery. A resident of Lakeland, Florida, Shakespeare had faced financial struggles for years. His sudden windfall promised an escape from poverty, not just for himself but for his entire community. The initial days were filled with joy and disbelief as Shakespeare, a once ordinary man, found himself in a position to secure his future and positively impact those around him.

The Burden of Wealth:

The Murder of Abraham Shakespeare | Criminal

However, as Shakespeare’s story unfolded, the weight of his newfound wealth became palpable. The joy of winning was overshadowed by the expectations and demands of those seeking his help. Friends and acquaintances, drawn by stories of his generosity, approached him with outstretched hands. What was meant to be a source of happiness gradually transformed into a heavy chain of obligations? The community that celebrated his victory now seemed to lay claim to his fortune, creating an atmosphere of tension and discomfort.

Shift from Happiness to Concern:

The shift from happiness to concern was evident as Shakespeare struggled to navigate the pressures around him. The story of a lucky lottery winner evolved into a tale of unexpected challenges and choices. The community, once inspired by his success, now inadvertently contributed to the unraveling of Shakespeare’s dream.

The Mysterious Disappearance:

Three years after his life-changing win, Abraham Shakespeare mysteriously vanished, leaving behind not just his fortune but a growing cloud of confusion and concern. The disappearance triggered disbelief and bewilderment in his community. Greg Smith, a close friend who understood the changes in Shakespeare since his win, sensed that something was deeply wrong.

Law Enforcement’s Involvement:

Local law enforcement recognized the gravity of the situation and suspected foul play. The case presented a unique challenge, involving a missing millionaire, a distressed community, and a growing list of unanswered questions. As days turned into weeks, the community watched as law enforcement pieced together Shakespeare’s last known movements, interactions, and changes in his life post-lottery win.

Enter Websleuths:

A fresh chapter was written during the confusing disappearance when websleuths, an online forum run by Trisha Griffith, became involved. This group of casual investigators and amateur sleuths examined the complexities of the case, motivated by a common desire to learn the truth.

Cindy Parrot’s Dedication:

Cindy Parrot, known as sleuthster, emerged as a pivotal figure in the websleuths community. Her dedication and meticulous approach exemplified the forum’s ethos. The websleuths scrutinized every available piece of information, from local news articles to public records, aiming to piece together a timeline of events leading up to Shakespeare’s disappearance.

DD Moore’s Involvement:

What Happened To Abraham Shakespeare

As the websleuths deepened their investigation, a significant figure emerged – Doris DD Moore. Moore’s company had become the new owner of Shakespeare’s million-dollar home. This revelation raised eyebrows, leading to a shift in focus toward Moore’s potential financial motives.

Moore’s Active Presence on Websleuths:

Florida Lottery winner bagged $30million but his murdered body was under  concrete three years later - Mirror Online

Moore’s active presence on the websleuths forum added a new layer of complexity to the investigation. The forum’s members scrutinized Moore’s financial transactions, property records, and even her social media posts, raising suspicion about her involvement in Shakespeare’s disappearance.

The Web Sleuths’ Impact:

The websleuths’ findings, combined with Moore’s behavior on the forum, began to raise red flags. Moore’s engagement on the forum, including her denials and explanations, failed to dispel doubts and instead heightened the community’s suspicion. The web sleuths found themselves with a direct line to a person at the heart of the investigation, transforming the forum into an active part of the unfolding mystery.

Critical Breakthrough:

A critical breakthrough in the case came when Greg Smith, a close friend of Shakespeare, revealed a transaction – a payment made by Moore to Smith for impersonating Shakespeare. This revelation indicated Moore’s financial control over Shakespeare’s assets and her direct involvement in creating a false narrative about his whereabouts.

Smith’s Undercover Role:

Smith’s decision to collaborate with law enforcement marked a turning point in the investigation. As an informant, he provided invaluable insights into Moore’s actions and thought processes. Smith’s undercover role, though fraught with challenges, contributed to piecing together the puzzle of Shakespeare’s disappearance.

Moore’s Arrest and Conviction: The investigation reached its climax with the arrest and subsequent conviction of Doris DD Moore. The discovery of Shakespeare’s body buried under a concrete slab at a property purchased with his money solidified the case against Moore. The conviction was not only justice for Shakespeare and his family but also a testament to the collaborative efforts of the websleuths and law enforcement.

Websleuths’ Recognition:

Former detective David Clark publicly recognized the significant contribution of the websleuths community. This acknowledgment underscored the evolving role of digital communities in assisting real-world investigations. The success in solving the Shakespeare case showcased the potential of combining professional expertise with the enthusiasm and diverse skill set of amateur detectives.


Abraham Shakespeare’s story, from a lottery winner to a victim of greed and deceit, leaves behind a legacy of resilience and resourcefulness. The collaborative efforts of websleuths and law enforcement in uncovering the truth behind his mysterious disappearance demonstrate the power of unity and determination in the face of mystery. This case reflects the evolving role of digital communities in solving real-world crimes, showcasing the impact of collective efforts in achieving justice.

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