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The Unraveling Saga of William ‘Bud’ Post’s Lottery Win

From Joyful Jackpot to Tragic Despondency

The life tale of William “Bud” Post is engrossing and a warning to lottery winners everywhere. Post’s life took an unexpected turn in 1988 when he won a whooping $16.2 million in the Pennsylvania Lottery, going from poverty to riches in an instant. But what had once appeared to be a dream come true soon turned into a nightmare filled with arguments between family members, court cases, and poor money management. The fascinating story of Bud Post is explored in this article, along with the psychology of lottery ticket purchases, the initial spending binge, family tensions, a startling betrayal, legal issues, life going out of hand, and the depressing years before his death.


The Psychology Behind Lottery Ticket Purchases:

Before examining Bud Post’s journey, it’s essential to understand why people are drawn to buying lottery tickets despite the slim odds of winning. The psychology behind this phenomenon is complex, and rooted in cognitive biases, escapism, and social influences. Lottery tickets offer an illusion of a chance for instant wealth, tapping into the human tendency to overestimate the likelihood of rare events. The dream of a life-changing fortune for a minimal investment becomes an irresistible draw, especially for those facing financial difficulties or yearning for a dramatic change in their circumstances.

The Unbelievable Jackpot Win:

Bud Post’s life was marked by hardship and struggle long before his lottery win. Battling financial difficulties, the concept of a windfall was a distant dream for him. In 1988, on a whim and with barely a dollar to his name, Bud purchased a lottery ticket that would change his life forever. The ticket turned out to be worth an astounding $16.2 million, catapulting Bud from financial strife to the realm of multi-millionaires. The surreal moment of realizing he had won was a ticket to a new life, promising an escape from the never-ending financial struggles that had defined his existence.

Initial Spending Frenzy and Family Conflicts:


Bud Post’s sudden millionaire status led to an extravagant spending spree that included a large house, fancy cars, and even a small airplane, despite his lack of flying skills. However, this wild spending quickly caused rifts within his family, particularly with his brother, who disapproved of how Bud was utilizing his newfound wealth. The family ties that should have grown stronger with the new fortune instead became strained by jealousy, greed, and misunderstandings about the real importance of money.

A Shocking Betrayal:

In a turn of events reminiscent of a Hollywood drama, Bud Post’s life took a darker turn when his own brother conspired against him. In a shocking act of treachery, Bud’s brother plots to hire a hitman to assassinate him, aiming to inherit a portion of the lottery prize. This shocking revelation sent tremors through the family and beyond, exposing the destructive nature of greed and the vulnerability of family bonds when challenged by immense riches.

Legal Troubles and Financial Collapse:

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Post’s journey from wealth to poverty was swift, marked by disputes within his family and a series of legal and financial difficulties. His former girlfriend took him to court for a share of the lottery winnings, and the court ruled in her favor, forcing Bud to relinquish a significant portion of his wealth. His lack of financial acumen and poor investment choices, coupled with the constant demands from those seeking a share of his winnings, led to a continuous downward spiral.

Life Spiraling Out of Control:


Post’s life after winning the lottery was far from the dream he had envisioned. Legal problems, reckless spending, and unwise investments took a toll on his financial health. His arrest for shooting a gun above a debt collector’s head showcased a pattern of unpredictable and harmful behavior, indicative of a broader descent into desperation and frustration. The man who had once known financial struggles was now grappling with the consequences of his quick fortune.

Final Years and Death:


The last years of Bud Post’s life contrasted sharply with the brief period of luxury he experienced after winning the lottery. His substantial fortune vanished, leaving him dependent on food stamps and a modest monthly income. Post’s numerous marriages reflected the turmoil and unstable relationships that defined his life. He lived quietly, far removed from the excitement that followed his lottery win, until his death in 2006 from respiratory failure.


William “Bud” Post’s life serves as a cautionary tale about the unpredictable nature of sudden wealth. His journey from elation to despair highlights the importance of financial prudence, stable relationships, and a support network when navigating the challenges that come with unexpected riches. Post’s story is a reminder that not all that glitters is gold, and managing newfound wealth requires wisdom and a sense of responsibility. As we reflect on Bud Post’s life, it prompts us to consider the true meaning of wealth and the enduring impact of choices made during extraordinary circumstances.

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